November 29th, 2008

The Cultural Medicine Cabinet community choir has added Occupying Army to their repertoire. It is thrilling to hear 30 voices singing the song!   Yvette Narlock and I are working on an arrangement that includes the cello and fluegal lines vocalised.

Nov 11th, 2008

New Recording is done and lovely. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for all who contributed resources and efforts to making this happen.

I distributed it this week to support civic engagement and the Unity Slate of Vision Vancouver, COPE and Green for the Nov 15 Vancouver City elections.

In Remembrance, Peace and Power.

Survival Art. Let’s make it together. Pass it on.


August, 2008

Good People,

A garden of thank you’s to the 100 Earthlings (and all the rest of you too), who endorsed the song project!

We are now on track for accepting any possible contributions towards making a music art video. Modest or grand, all and any financial gifts or gifts-in-kind, will be accepted with gratitude. Our project is an experiment in people power and the power of art. It’s timely now to sing ourselves into remembering deep care. Wonder full.

We will also be posting updates on the GiveMeaning fundraising site where you can now choose to make a contribution


GiveMeaning will send you a tax receipt.
Hollyhock Leadership Institute will manage the flow.
Vanessa Richards and team of artists/friends will make Occupying Army magic.
You will make the difference.

Survival Art. Let’s make it together. Pass it on.

Vanessa and Rhian

Your questions or comments are most welcomed


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