Occupying-Army-NEW, Produced by Corduroy Kid


Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License


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12 11 2008
Gary Edwards

Lovely Voice, Lovely Words, Lovely Soul! I am loving this V.

Love Garyx

12 11 2008
David Vogt

Brilliant work. Deliciously real. Your voice is gorgeous. More, more, please more…


12 11 2008
Budd Hall

The invention of a love song from the earth to its humans is wonderful…and what an earth. This breaks the mold of political songs.

13 11 2008
Teresa Marshall


Your enthralling song has haunted my heart ever since I heard you perform this on Cortes Island. And I don’t know that the CEO of Victoria’s Secret will ever be the same after that memorable serenade…


13 11 2008
Leslie Hall Pinder

I love the lyrics, the statement, your voice. It is such a powerful message to us all to right our place in the world. Congratulations Vanessa, just beautiful and haunting.


13 11 2008

occupying army is brill. beautiful. Builds to a strong chromatic and rich conclusion. Want to see it live!


13 11 2008
Oxana G

Hey Vanessa
I’ve got your song on loop, its swaying is very soothing.
Beautiful FridaKahlo-esque image too – roots and eerie stillness and all.

Congradulations on completing the recording!!

13 11 2008

Vanessa, the song is lovely. Your voice, transcendent….

13 11 2008

i just fell into the most incredible cloud of warmth and goodness. i love it. i love your voice.

13 11 2008

Well done Vanessa. Beautiful lyrics, great song and arrangement.

13 11 2008
Ryan Leech’s Blog » Blog Archive » Occupying Army

[…] told me he just finished producing a song that I might like called Occupying Army by Vanessa Richards. Some beautiful, reality distilling, planet loving lyrics sung with style. Check it out here! var […]

13 11 2008
Gita John Iyam

the mama in me cried for mother earth singing in your voice….such incredible depth and devotion. Vanessa keep going….

13 11 2008
kirk ross

highness i really enjoyed your song, deep and meaningful like you. i remember the morning that picture was taken. your voice and compassion are both very moving.

13 11 2008

BEAUTIFUL! You made me cry at work cuz I can’t keep my emotions in check with such a powerful message being sung so sweetly. Is that Langston on the trumpet?

13 11 2008
Jesse Garlick

Amazing Vanessa. I have always really liked your voice, and it is great to see that you are developing a new approach to your work. Lovely.

14 11 2008

Thanks for sharing this Vanessa. I love how you sing this song!

19 11 2008

I’ve got chills.
Simultaneously filled with love and sorrow.
Thank you and your fellow conspirators for creation of this work.

29 11 2008

Great song,… good lyrics, lovely kick back voice
with great melody . I think it’s a great song Vanessa.
I( love it).

4 12 2008

absolutely beautiful …

22 02 2009
Lemn Sissay

Absolutely beautiful. V, it is a pleasure and an honour. Wow. Lemnx

21 08 2009

The need to say, has left and gone.
The Earth sings out nice.
With the amount destruction placed on its scab and her extract. It is not a wonder she is not crying.
She is singing, She is singing. She is singing, and She is singing, She is singing

5 05 2010
'Chilly' Wil Steward

Great work my dear….very sparse and elegant arrangement. The subject is very timely. You need to be writing a lot more!!!!! W. xxxx

21 05 2010

I just heard this song yesterday and was hoping to find the artist, and I have. now I must comment, there is nothing like this song, your voice the lyrics so beautiful, I love it. Thank you.

28 05 2010

Wonderful, thank you.

2 02 2012
Adam Heilbrun

Yes. Yes Yes.
The most beautiful song I’ve heard in years.

20 02 2012

Truly haunting and powerful voice, with profoundly moving lyrics…..a message from the mother of all mothers….Thank you for this. true Gratitude to you Vanessa and to your musicians. Just amazing!

12 12 2014

Please tell me where I can get a copy of this song!! I run a weekly event called Dance Church, we dance and connect to spirit, this song is PERFECT to get people thinking and feeling while dancing about how they are OF the Earth not ON the Earth…. Thank you for this…. AMAZING!!

13 12 2014

HI Bernice,

Your project looks wonderful! thanks for your interest in sharing the song with the dancers. Please do.

You can right click on the track or go to the drop down menu under “File” and ‘save page as’ an MP3. et viola!

I just tried it again to make sure it was still funcioning and at first it didn’t and then I left the page and came back, and it did. So. If for some reason it doesn’t work when you try, send me your email and I will email you the file.

It is deeply satisfying to know that the song is doing its work. Thanks for the work you are doing as well.



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